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Dye Light Yellow Airbrush 150ml

WS-La-0021 - 135ml

Use our beautiful colors together with your airbrush to add color to your creations. You can use this food color directly from the vial, the airbrush or directly into the product. This highly concentrated dye is also great for coloring royal icing, butter cream, cake dough, and more. The built-in applicator allows precision control, making it easy to obtain a wide range of shades.

Shake well before use. Complies with all European food regulations.


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Colours for creams, cakes, icings, marzipan, sugar mass. Perfectly suited for spraying with airbrush, getting bright and vivid colours. Liquid colours can be also used for colouring ice cream, soft drinks, juices, jellies, pastes and fruit fillings.--


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